Our Little Identities

Slowly this facade will fade.

The person that you became for someone else is no more present here.

Its the naked you. The one you always ran away from , the one you always hid from in the shadows of love .

And now its too late to confront him, the same uneasiness when u meet those friends whom you didn’t want to meet.

Only this time you can’t get away with lies and fake pleasentries. Its you staring into your soulless eyes, trying to make contact with your sad lonely self.

Her smiles are no more here to shield him from you, and yet you wish if it weren’t true, if you actually could fight him back, show him there’s a little soul left in you to not let him come in.

Its the peak of lonliness that reveals who you truly are.

Its there where the tenacity of your fabled masks fail. Its where you’re truly undone.

Beyond this there is nothing , as master Wayne said we fall to pick ourselves up again, except this time you didn’t fall down, you fell into oblivion, there is no more up or down here, there’s only this blinding sadness enveloped in the darkness of screaming lonely souls.

And slowly your cries become one amongst their, rampant, devilish utter nonsense.

Because for this world sad lonely souls are unquantifiable entities rampant, devilish utter nonsense.

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