The Lady with Green Hair

It was on a brisk summers eve he noticed her the first time,

when the sun had almost gone and the bird’s chit-chated about her beauty.

It’s not always that you seek perfection and find it lying around,

her body was one such thing of comprehensive perfection.

Her breasts massive, her valleys deep, rich with life itself,

her blue eyes squinted at the first sight of you, if only she could see the real you.

Life trembled upon itself when you touched her!

She would paint the sky with thunder and clouds when she felt aroused,

when she wanted your plowing hands to run all over her.

She was a magnificent being, to be handled with utmost delicacy,

her green hair and blue eyes demanded such subtlety.

They fell in love, her essence became his water, her body his farms,

her nipples his summit.

It was only when he touched her body, he realized life could be possible.

Life trembled upon itself when you touched her!

They were perfect for each other, she would come out in the mornings smiling and bright-eyed,

Nourish him, feed him, love him with all her heart. At nights she came with her lustful twinkling eyes, a million stars within them, aching for his loving touch.

Until it was all too good for him.

You see happiness when extended comes with an innate quality,


At one such moment man decided that she was not enough, greed made him want more.

They say necessity is the mother of invention, they forgot to mention greed is the father.

The only resource he knew was her, he started by burning her children, cutting them into pieces.

Their green hair which was a testament to their love became canvases for his plans of detest.

His plowing hands no longer touched her, instead, he made machines to drill her from inside, made her bleed.

He built dams around her tears until it turned to black poison, he cut her breasts for his fetishes for easy transit.

He desecrated her beauty, tore her into pieces one by one, marked and sold them.

He and his kin- You

You bored deep into her, you gendered her and hoped she wouldn’t complain.

Her immense power stood defenselessly and watched.

She was just a young girl who fell in love with you, and you split her open.

When her defenses broke ranks and lashed out, you cried and wept, but your mesmerizing quality to feel and forget kept your machines running.

Life trembled upon itself when you touched her!

Her tears are now acid, it hurts her when she cries, her eyes are no longer visible

thanks to the smoke of your haste.

And when someone finally said stop!

You stood there with your pride, you wouldn’t even acknowledge that she’s done.

That she no longer has enough fluids to lubricate your vanity

when it fucked her over and over.

You said “ Well climate change isn’t real, it’s just a hoax”

Life barely trembles when you touch her now!!

Dear pot smoking millennials with an undying fetish for hardbound paper books,

please do not tell me that carcasses of living things dipped in black ink give the most pleasant smell in the world.

You’ve already stuck her deep enough to make your digital aids, is it still fair to kill her children to satiate your olfactic quenches?

It’s the small things that killed her, a small turn of the page, it was just a small thing when you cut the first tree,

it was just a small thing when you mowed the first hill, it was just a small thing when you made the first dynamite.

That’s what we are merchants of small fortunes,

the compound interest collectors of global destruction.

She was just a young girl with green hair who fell in love with you!

And I quote Oberyn Martell’s last words

You raped her, you murdered her, and you killed her children.

One thought on “The Lady with Green Hair

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