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Inspired by Osho: Creativity

Id: Then what is the point of our consciousness, if all we have to do is let go of ourselves and exist only in this moment?

Are we devoid of all control ? 

Brahm: What makes you think you have control over anything ? You are a nucleus of an atom of the tiniest speck in the picture of the entire universe. You do not exist in the eyes of the ones who view the entire universe. 

Id: So, what about we being taught about ambition, about discipline, about goals and success ? 

What about us being repeatedly shamed for losing control for a fraction of a second? Why didn’t god speak up then ?

Brahm : Remember your heart ? remember your heart screaming at you with all its might to act how you felt? To trust your instinct instead of your miniscule wit your ego blew out of proportion?

Remember how you let the darkened hands of society reach in and kill the voice, stuffing it with the red cloth of self doubt ?

You had then silenced the god inside of you. You plan and run behind the things that you think is right but feels wrong in your heart. 

You device, design and decorate giant mansions made of things that they told you to have. 

And by then the red cloth of self doubt had killed the sound of god from within, and that death shook the pillars of your mansion, and in the dying screams of it you hear,

”is this the happiness you truly deserve?”

When you look at yourself you see the ugliness, a corpse among riches, like a dead rat on a garland. A soulless piece of flesh, confused and voiceless, clueless of its destiny. Faceless in front of a screen convincing yourself with whatever sense you have left, that this is it. Only to see another faceless and faceless and faceless faces across the offices, trains and buses convincing their weeping hearts that this lie is the truth, that this void is what you earned.

Watch the lillies on the field, they do not plan and run, they do not design and device, they just exists in that moment and it’s beauty will resonate across the infinite corners of the universe. 

You are not the master of your fate, you are a traveller, sent here with a tool in your hand, and when you simply exist in this moment you are full, you are beautiful, your heart will bring the quill, place the tool in your hand.

And then you’ll hear your god in the joyous melodies of your heart. Your mind will run your hands and your work will be standing along with the beautiful lilies, lighting your path, in which you need to just be.

Empty your cup, you’re not the master of your fate, you are just a fraction of the labour sent to exist in the moment. Stop searching for love, for bonds, for sense, for acceptance. Stop, and just breathe in the air that encircle your soul. Stop, so that God can flow through your tongue, your eyes, your hands and your soul. And what you create in that moment will transcend above time, love will fill your heart, you will become the entire universe for that second. In that moment you will become the present you reside in, where your success will make somebody else stop and listen to the voice of their heart.

 Forget time, forget your shackles, do not force your heart to sing the tunes the world wants you to sing. For that song will not have the sound of God in it, neither will it be the mark of your glory. It will fade and die with other forced songs, forced speeches spewing hatred, forced sorries, darkening the heart of 100’s to follow, forgotten for good.

So let go, breathe, look at the lilies, and let your heart sing the most beautiful song heard across space and time. And there, by just being in that one moment, you have made your fate resonate with the universe. You have felt the touch of God and glory. You have become infinite like the universe and true happiness will nest in your heart like a crown on a king, like a dream in the womb. So, let go, and the fabric of reality will be yours to relish..

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