Poetry – Free Form

A collection of assorted free form poetry. You may find it to be a disdain if you consider poetry to be form specific.

Indian Poets, Poetry in India

No Horn Please

The hardest part of being an artist in the 21st century is the struggle for ideas. We put words into meanings and what if there is no more meaning to convey?   Now, this begets the question, why don’t I have anything to say unto you, whilst there is no single moment without conversation withinContinue reading “No Horn Please”

Our Little Identities

Slowly this facade will fade. The person that you became for someone else is no more present here. Its the naked you. The one you always ran away from , the one you always hid from in the shadows of love . And now its too late to confront him, the same uneasiness when uContinue reading “Our Little Identities”

The Wrong Son

I’ve deep respect for my mother, but should I respect her only because I was conceived in her womb and stayed there for  long ? No, my respect to her has reasons far beyond mere gratification of that time when I was not even a conscious being. I’ve deep respect for my mother, not becauseContinue reading “The Wrong Son”


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